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ITEM # : PIMS023.1 & PIMS023.2
Make : Netstal, Switzerland
Model :
PET 2000-3700R
Number of Machines : 2
Year of Manufacture : 2012
Clamping Force : 2000 kN
Extrusion Efficiency > 550 kg/hr
Energy Consumption Rate > 0.215 kW/ kg PET of throughput

In excellent working condition and available for sale immediately

You may download the machine specification by clicking here

Make : Otto Hoffstetter, Switzerland
Number of Cavities : 60

Mould 1 (with 2 core sets for 2 different weights)-
1) PCO1881 26.5 gm
2) PCO1881 28 gm

Mould 2 (with 3 core sets for 3 different weights)-
1) PCO1881 30.0 gm
2) PCO1881 34.5 gm
3) PCO1881 39.0 gm

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1 for each machine / total of 2 units
Make : Piovan, Italy
Model : DP644 (for maximum throughput of 560 kg/ hr)
Drying hopper Model : TN4000
Hopper capacity : 4,000 L

Download the resin dryer brochure by clicking here

1 for each machine / total of 2 units
Make : Piovan, Italy
Model : RPA1200
1,200 m3/h process air flow
Max 35°C and max 90% R.H. environmental limit conditions to maintain a good working efficiency of the unit

Download the mould dehumidifier brochure by clicking here

1 unit between both machines
Make : Aquatech (A Piovan Company)
Model : CA4222 (Air cooled)

Nominal cooling capacity (ambient temp. 25°C / set point 15°C) : 487 kW
Actual cooling capacity at the following conditions: 310 kW
Design ambient temp.: max 37°C
Design set point: 7°C
Min Max Ambient temp: -20°C / +49°C
Flow rate (m3/h): 18/42
Galvanized steel vertical water tank Capacity: 3,000 L

Download the chiller brochure by clicking here

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