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ITEM # : HPAC004

High Pressure, Non Lubricated (Oil Free) Air Compressor including Variable Frequency Drive, Receiver & Dehumidifier

Make : Ateliers Franc╠žois, Belgium
Model : CE68A

Capacity : 2,100 m3/ hr or 1,236 CFM
Maximal working pressure : 40 bar
Motor Power : 355 kW

Year of Construction : May-2008
Commissioned in 2009
Decommissioned in Dec 2016
Latest AF-Service was in Sep 2016
Used for only 4,000 hours per year
Operational Hours < 30,000

With frequency convertor to adjust compressor speed depending on demand (Energy saving & less wear)

In very good working condition

Available EXW Europe

Download the specification sheet by clicking here

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